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SnapPower USB Charger- Innovative


SnapPower USB Charger– Innovative

Charging portable devices can be a challenge. Too many devices for our existing outlets. One of the most recent places to find USB chargers is in surge protectors. Not only is there a USB charger but also several more outlets. The surge protectors may not be located in the most convenient places. SnapPower changes all of that. In 2015 SnapPower introduced the SnapPower USB charger.

According to SnapPower:

No more worrying about losing the bulky plug-in chargers that we receive with our cell phones and other portable electronic devices. Like our SnapPower Guidelights, the SnapPower Charger uses the same prong technology to draw power directly from your electrical outlets. They require no wires or batteries and they install in seconds. The USB Charger is perfect for every room in the house.The low profile design allows for easy access to a USB charge behind large furniture without having to move the furniture.

Charge Your Devices- USB Charger


Our easy-to-install, sleek, and energy-efficient design safely transforms your outlet cover plate into a convenient USB charger. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use! The SnapPower USB Chargers practical design leaves all outlets free for use. SnapPower products are timeless and elegant and built to fit any decor. Easily access your USB charger without rearranging furniture. Installs in seconds without batteries or wires. Three color choices to fit all decor. USB Charger cords are also available.

Visit SnapPower today. All highlighted text provides direct links to SnapPower.

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