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Night Light- New Technology to Solve Lighting Issues


Night Light Solves Safety Problem

Lighting homes can be a problem when it comes to safety at night. Night lights offer a solution. Night lights may be as simple as a small 10 watt bulb plugged into an electrical outlet to a light that is connected to your home security system. Prices range from very inexpensive to ultra expensive. SnapPower offers an innovative solution that uses prong technology. Prong Technology  allows easy installation, low energy consumption, and attractiveness beyond comparison.

According to SnapPower:

At SnapPower, our goal is to create simple and convenient solutions to power home electronics and automation devices with our innovative prong technology. We are working diligently to provide our customers with a unique line of products that solve some of the most basic issues in today’s home.

When you see the simplicity of this night light, you will agree it is a must have. First of all, the night light replaces the standard electrical outlet cover plate of the socket. The SnapPower GuideLight has LED lights embedded in the cover plate. Therefore this leaves both plugs available. No more bulky night lights plugged in. No more wrecking into the night light during the day. No more turning the night light on at night and off in the morning. The SnapPower GuideLight night light provides a light sensor that automatically turns the light on in the dark.

SnapPower GuideLight Night Light Reinvented

SnapPower products are the perfect upgrade to any home. The GuideLight night light is convenient. It allows you to use both electrical outlets. The attractiveness of this device is that no bulky night lights are sticking out of the wall. Most notably, the GuideLight is energy efficient using the LED lights. They only use about 10 cents per year for 25 years. You can easily install the GuideLight in seconds.

This product has a full review in The Family Handyman magazine. There are several awards and recognition attributed to SnapPower GuideLight night light. This Old House, International Builders Show, and Handy Magazine are the highlights.

Visit SnapPower today to learn more about their amazing new technology. All highlighted text provides a direct link to SnapPower.

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