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Quick and Easy Math Games for Preschoolers

math games for preschoolers

Math Games for Preschoolers

I taught elementary school for 29 years and retired over a year ago. I loved teaching, but I really was not teaching anymore. We had the Core Curriculum. It was just a matter of forcing the information down their throats that they wanted the kids to learn. There was no wavering; no creativity; just core curriculum stuff. With the curriculum so jam packed, I was not able to use the math games I was used to using. I was done. So I retired. Now I can concentrate on teaching my grandchildren and using quick and easy math games for preschoolers.

So now, I don’t have to worry about core curriculum stuff. I baby sit my grandchildren 2 days a week. The oldest is 4 years old. She just started preschool this month and is really enjoying it. Previous to her starting preschool I had taken it upon myself to do “school” with her. I knew she could repeat the ABC song, but I knew she didn’t consistently recognize the letters. I knew she could count, but then noticed her skipping numbers and other things. So I purposed to make sure she didn’t fall behind and decided to do literacy, math and science with her. The best way to learn is to play games. So, math games here we come!

We had fun! I printed out many of the free printables I was able to download from some great blogs ( those will be mentioned in another post). My laminator finally got used that I got for free from Staples many years ago. I made centers, magnetic busy boards, and set up crafts every week. We used playdough math mats, concentration games, math grids, and even pattern blocks to learn all kinds of things. I want to share with you some of the great things we did and used to learn math during our school sessions.

Playdough Math Mats

I decided to do the letter of the week and choose a topic that began with that letter. So the first week was A, and apple was our theme. I figured she knew what apples were, and I could always fall back on making homemade applesauce! I printed out an apple themed playdough math mat. There were pictures of a plain old tree without apples, and the numbers from 1-10.  The idea was for the children to make apples using the playdough and place as many apples on the tree that the number showed. She loved it! Of course, she spends hours playing with her playdough anyway.

math games for preschoolersHere us an example of a playdough math mat courtesy of google images. When I printed it out, I places two of the mats on the same page to save a little ink and paper.

Math Grids for Preschoolers

I also found some math grids. Again, I downloaded them from a great blog for free and just printed it out. (A shout out to: The Measured Mom) A math grid consists of a table filled with the same picture creating a game board, of sorts. We used a spinner, and moved our marker that many spaces, so the person that got to the end of the grid first was the winner. She is so competitive and only loved the game until I won. Then she didn’t like it any more. We had to play it until she won!math games for preschoolersHere is an example of the grid games. They are great for counting, counting on, left to right progression, and so much more! Thanks for the graphic from themeasuredmom.com.

A Note: I put most of the printables I print out in plastic sheet protectors so I can use them again and again. Call me frugal! I like it. You can purchase them in most department or office supply stores. Here is an affiliate link to BulkOfficeSupply.com where you can purchase items in bulk to help keep the costs down. You can purchase anything in the office supply arena. Sheet protectors, envelopes, paper, pens, etc.

Another Note: Many of these math games for preschoolers were printed on cardstock to help with durability. Eventhough they were put in sheet protectors the strength of the cardstock makes it great for the little ones. Go to BulkOfficeSupply.com to see what they have to offer!

Hole Punch Numbers Game

Another math game for preschoolers that my granddaughter loved, loved, loved! There wasn’t a whole lot of prep either. Just divide up a paper into ten boxes. Lable each box counting from one to ten. Cut them out. You now have ten pieces of paper. Using a hole punch, have the child punch as many holes as the number says. If the number is seven, they are to punch 7 holes. It became even more fun because I happened to have different shapes of hole punches- flowers, hearts, stars, shapes, etc. You can see some punches available at Scrapbook.com. This is an affiliate link.
math games for preschoolersHere is an example of the hole punch math game compliments of google images.

These are just a few of the math games for preschoolers I have used, so far. I plan on continuing making many more. Have you ever made a game for your children? Please comment below and share!

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