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Pool Noodles- Not just for the pool!


Pool Noodles Are Not JUST for the Pool?

Pool noodles are the greatest things since sliced bread! Just this tube of plastic foam and the hours of fun and play in the pool are endless. Even just to relax on one or two in the pool is great. But who knew how useful they would be outside of the pool.

Pool Noodles Around the House

One purpose to re-use them other than the pool is on my garage wall. and in the car.  When the car is pulled in the garage the pool noodle blocks the door from hitting the wall and damaging the wall or door.download.  Taking this a step further, you can rig pool noodles to hang off  your car to protect it in a parking lot. download (5) download (6)Using Pool noodles for braces under a car seat is so very helpful. To won’t’ damage the upholstery or the car seat.download (4)

Uses for pool noodles around the home are numerous. One is for a door stop to prevent doors from closing or being slammed. Another one for the door is for a draft stopper. download (9)download (7)  In the kitchen it is great as an extension from the faucet to large buckets. f79c5a16eab9129ad6733950c9076dab While painting, you may use more than one brush. Use a pool noodle to hold those brushes in place. download (10) Childproofing and stubproofing your house is an important safety feature of pool noodles. download (14) download (12)download (8) Don’t worry about the colors. You can certainly wrap them in fabric to match the decor. Or just know they won’t be too long. Children do grow older and less clumsy. You can also use pool noodles to keep your boots in top top condition. 915517a264288a760a2454a406815a96 Keeping your clothes ironed and neat is another use for pool noodles. bf990aba06fd94a9b9e2b543bcdfbe26

Pool Noodles Outside the House

One of the most useful safety purposes of pool noodles is to use them to wrap around the springs on a trampoline. trampoline-safety-hack-using-pool-noodles-2  In the garage you can use the noodle to protect sharp tools like saws from hurting anyone. blade-cover.jpg.size.custom.crop.850x567  You may also want to use a pool noodle for a sprinkler, in the garden and for the kids. sprinkler3-624x363  You can make a pet bed using a pool noodle and an old sweater. Thread the noodle through the arms, duct tape them together after stuffing the sweater with an old sheet or towel. Screen-Shot-2015-06-24-at-3.17.14-PM

These are just a few of the uses for pool noodles not in the pool. Your question now is, “Where can I get pool noodles during the fall or winter?” Well, it just so happens that DollarTree.com carries them all year round. You can order them online and have them shipped to a Dollar Tree store near you and save shipping costs. The best thing yet is that they are only $1.00.

Any hightlighted text is a direct link to DollarTree.com.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

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