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Pool Noodles and Kids- A Great Match


Kids Want Your Pool Noodle

The pool noodle was created as a toy to use while swimming. They were a wonderful invention for parents and children. You could sit or float on these pool noodles without too much effort. Once they were introduced, they were a hit. Now, pool noodles have moved from the pool into everyday life. The following are some great ideas to use pool noodles when the real uses would be not be cost effective for any families. Remember, these are “just for kids!”

ba18f329bcc5bc1ecd5acf4f7d8af150 pool noodle logs

Pool Noodle Link Logs

Using pool noodles as link logs provides children with a safe and quiet opportunity to build life size projects. All that needs to be done is cut the hatch marks so the noodles fit together.

pool noodle shooter

Pool noodle pom pom shooter

Make a Pom Pom shooter with a piece of a pool noodle. A virtually harmless shooter,

pool noodle racquet-4

Pool noodle racquetball

Making racquetball racquets with the pool noodle seems to be quite easy- just join the ends with duct tape after netting is wrapped around the noodle. What a great way for children to play in the yard.


Pool noodle ring toss

The Pool Noodle Ring Toss game is another simple make. Just join the ends of the pool noodle with tape. Bury other pieces of pool noodle in the ground. Having different sizes of rings will make it challenging.


pool noodle kiddie car wash

Here’s a kiddie car wash- or a wash for kids! The “building” is pool noodles joined together with some pvc pipes. Attaching a hose to the inside of the pool noodle is fairly simple. Punch holes in the pool noodles for the water to shoot out. Just think how busy the kids will be with this.


Pool Noodle Race Track


Pool Noodle race track

Making a Match Box race track seems to be seamless. Just slice the noodle from top to bottom and on both sides. Place next to each other with inside up.

Pool Noodle forest06c3800e9026e8f08576a7bed7fbbb85

Pool Noodle Forest

This is a cool pool noodle forest. How cool would that be to run around in there?

Pool Noodle Water Play

pool noodle wter wall9e4dd5b9a40ac5acdf440811a1078566pool noodle water walld00a0ef51d47031ef81a2c052a4b961apool-noodle-bath-wallHere are three different water walls that are certainly designed to keep children busy. One is on a peg board which can be portable. The one in the middle is attached to the deck rail, and the third is attached to the bath tub wall. Each one is amazing. The more you think about it the more you can add.

pool noodle horses19b0bab9865d5af4f4d3099f8ea4c6bdPool noodle horses can be used either in the pool or out. Yehaaaaaaaa!!!!

crib-bumper.jpg.size.custom.crop.850x566Here is a crib protector. Just slice the pool noodle from top to bottom and slide over the crib rail.

pool noodle light sabreIMG_4833These are light sabres for those little Star War fans.

I have so many ideas I will need to do a part 2. Keep posted!!!! Where can you get pool noodles at any time of the year?????  Dollar Tree.com! And they are only $1.00!


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