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Pool Noodle Olympics

Pool Noodle Olympics

Pool Noodle Olympics

Pool Noodle Olympics in Your Yard Soon!

Even though the children are young it doesn’t mean they cannot compete in the Olympics- the Pool Noodle Olympics! There will be no travel expenses involved, no advertising on network television, and no extensive training for 4 years. Once you set it up the children can practice all they want- in your backyard! Invite the whole neighborhood to your backyard- you know where your kids are.

To set the stage, we need some items to be used during the opening and closing ceremonies and for score keeping.

noodle-connected-04 Here is the Opening and Closing Ceremony archway. It could also be the platform the athletes stand under when they win their event.





noodle_9-500x375Pool-Noodle-AbacusThese are some possible score keeping devices. Each child has their own string for events accomplished. The other is an abacus that could be adapted- one string for each child.



We are ready to begin!

Here are some suggestions for the events to be held in your backyard Pool Noodle Olympics. These are in no specific order.

For children of any age, Pool Noodle Olympic Hurdles can be adapted for height and width.08d70d77211e6d9ed03b1360c23cbda5A great precision throwing sport, Pool Noodle Olympic Javelin Throw can really add up the points. Again, can be adapted to any number of hoops and distances thrown. 6cce13b43a475a05c6bb9beca08d30d2

Pool-Noodle-Ring-Toss-716x1024f1b56369b751e104d75d433b26fdf435With two different levels of accuracy shown Pool Noodle Olympic Ring Toss offers a great feeling of success for all who play. Just a note for set-up, dowels or pencils can be used for the poles to stand upright.





19b0bab9865d5af4f4d3099f8ea4c6bdPool-Noodle-Obstacle-CoursePool Noodle Olympic Steeple Chase (with or without the horses) can offer children of all ages the opportunity to shine.





Pool Noodle Olympic Field Goal Kick- pictured above in collage
diy-balance-board-for-kids-squarePool Noodle Olympic Balance Board

4664481519_476d596bc9 pool-noodle-swordWith jousting sticks and a sword Pool Noodle Olympics Fencing Event is a safe way to carry out these events.





bow1Using a bullseye as the target, or perhaps the same ideas as the javelin throw, Pool Noodle Olympics Archery offers children the chance to show off their precision targeting.





08a9971c292bc037c74f862d2bb2d068 IMG_7699-682x1024Shoot! Score with Pool Noodle Olympic Basketball- two skill levels presented.






efa2dd83a49e72984a8fe4af5b461168croquetPool Noodle Olympic Golf- two different skill levels-

shooter pool-noodle-marshmallow-shooter_gjubcgPool Noodle Olympic Shooting

pool noodle catapult cross processPool Noodle Olympic Catapult

outdoor-obstacle-course-2-624x363 Pool-Noodle-Tracks-Pin-2-500w noodle-course-01Pool Noodle Olympic Obstacle Course- possibilities are endless with a little creativity

19b0bab9865d5af4f4d3099f8ea4c6bdPool Noodle Olympics Equestrian Races

c8beff0cdea7dea4310035fd871c9b21Pool Noodle Olympic Volleyball

77e1476ae189c37383ba7d7f556b1d7bPool Noodle Olympic Hockey/Soccer

742ef198cf6cc1d88fc78d21332c8465Pool Noodle Olympic Bowling or Shooting

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA74a655c8afb7625d734de5b81b829f08Pool Noodle Olympic Team and Individual Rowing

87638265_XSPool Noodle Olympic Synchronized Swimming

racquet-4Pool Noodle Olympic Tennis

There are more. There will be a Pool Noodle Olympic Page 2! Many of these sporting events can be converted to indoor play, so the olympics can be done at any time during the year. How about those snowdays!

Where can you purchase pool noodles in January? DollarTree.com! The highlighted text provides a direct link to DollarTree.com. The best part is that the pool noodles are $1.00.

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