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Kids Discover Online- A Nonfiction Reading Adventure

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Nonfiction reading at KidsDiscover.com

KidsDiscover.com is now a favorite hangout for children interested in nonfiction reading. According to KidsDiscover.com:

Beautifully Crafted Nonfiction

For over 25 years, we’ve been creating beautifully crafted nonfiction products for kids.

With a specialty in science and social studies, our team of talented writers, award-winning designers and illustrators, and subject-experts from leading institutions is committed to a single mission: to get children excited about reading and learning.

We’ve worked hard over the last five years to create experiences for the modern learner. We’ve done so by listening to our customers, visiting classrooms, and asking ourselves tough questions. The end result: more ways than ever to experience our library of nonfiction material.

We all know the quality programming on the Discover Channel for nonfiction topics. Now that quality workmanship is available for children online. All of their print material is accessible covering topics in Science and Social Studies. The print content is a tremendous wealth of information. They offer their material at three different reading levels which appeals to all children, beginning readers to advanced. The photography and graphic aids assist the reader in learning all they can about what interests them.

Parents Advantage

There are apps available for any and all devices so learning can take place anywhere. Parents can give their children an advantage in life by subscribing to KidsDiscover.com. Nonfiction is usually a genre that children shy away from because it is difficult to comprehend- so much information. But as children have more exposure to nonfiction, the more they will learn from it. Once their appetite is teased, they will want more and more.

Teacher Advantage

Teachers can also benefit from KidsDiscover.com. through the variety of nonfiction topics. Not only are all of their print material available, but their lesson plans, infographics and quick reads, too. The lesson plans offer vocabulary introduction for each topic, the lesson itself, and assessments to follow. To have these titles available to all students at the same time would be an amazing nonfiction adventure.

You can sign up for free to see what is available. Your nonfiction adventure awaits! All hightlighted text is a direct link provided to KidsDiscover.com

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KidsDiscover.com– nonfiction reading at its best for children

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