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As Promised: More Pool Noodle Olympics II


More Pool Noodle Olympics

As promised, here are a few more Pool Noodle Olympics events to be added to your already full slate in your Backyard Pool Noodle Olympics.

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Pool Noodle Shot Put

Starting with Pool Noodle Shot Put- put the shot where it needs to be- in the middle of the pool noodle triangle!








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Next we are being challenged with accuracy and alertness in the Pool Noodle Whack a Dad!





Pool Noodle Baseball is a great team sport, or you could have the whole team with noodles to get the ball where it needs to go. Creativity is key!





Let’s not forget the pets!






gym1-624x363-1Or the babies!!!! Something for everyone. Many of the events can be manipulated for different skill levels, so even the youngest can participate.
f7c7ef3e73db218f6c6e831722690397How about some cross country skiing? I know it’s a winter sport, but think creatively, outside the box.
6cc1af00ddb0576935c6f4e9dec1efd5 Here’s a great idea for Pool Noodle Water Polo. The kids can have their hands free yet still have them available for swimming.






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These next two can be used for wrestling.





As I come across more ideas I will post them. If you have any ideas please share in the comment box below.

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