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What is a Lapbook?


Lapbooks Show True Learning

If you haven’t  heard of lapbooks before you are in for an eye opening experience.  Lapbooks are typically the means that homeschoolers delve into topics in their studies. It is made by using file folders that have been connected. In these connected file folders are mini books that contain all the information about each topic. According to KnowledgeBoxCentral.com:

What is a Lapbook? Glad you asked! It is a wonderful way for your student to document whatever topic he is studying. He will create small booklets along the way, and put them all together at the end of the study to create a keepsake called a Lapbook. Lapbooks are great ways to review, and children really enjoy displaying their work in this way. All of the planning is done for you ~ It really is easy! Just give it a try! It’s more than a craft it is an experience.

Below is an example of a lapbook from KnowledgeBoxCentral.com. The picture is a bit small, but to fill all of that learning into one lapbook, is quite impressive.


lapbooks from knowledgeBoxCentral.com

This lapbook seems to be about Christmas. There are many things you can learn about this Holiday. There are many traditions that have become rooted in the Biblical perspective. However, there are many other traditions that are rooted in ethnic and cultural beliefs. All of these topics can be researched by the student, and recorded in the mini book to show the true learning involved.

As the student progresses through a topic, all of the mini books have been created by KnowledgeBoxCentral.com. All the student needs to do is cut out the book, record their findings, and fold. It is not a boring three page report that is typically assigned. It is a complete research document.  Better yet, it is completed by the student.

Check out the selection of topics at KnowledgeBoxCentral.com.  All highlighted text is a direct link to KnowledgeBoxCentral.com

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