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Make Some New Fun Family Holiday Traditions


Looking Back on Old Traditions

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do at Christmas? There have been traditions and cultural traditions around for hundreds of years that many of us have no idea why we do them. Perhaps you do know why you follow those traditions but you are ready for a change. Now is the time to start a some new family holiday traditions. I’m not saying drop everything you do. I’m just saying, try new things and see if they work for your family.

Family Pajamas

How cute would it be for the family to have matching pajamas for Christmas morning? Then all of your pictures would show all of you having matching PJs. At Sleepyheads.com they have quite a selection of matching family pajamas to choose from. There are all different styles including long johns, nightgowns, two piece, onsies, and flannels. The prints are numerous. There are pet pjs to match as well. Don’t forget the 18″ doll pjs. Check them out. Elf on the Shelf has even made an appearance! Get them early and make your holiday cards with a picture of your holiday pjs. Sleepyheads.com has thought of it all.

family holiday tradtions

Christmas Cards

I usually bought cards from the store and really tried to find ones I liked both inside and out. It usually ended up I like one or the other, but not both. Well, at Minted.com you can now customize your cards to your exact likes. You can love the inside and outside because it is exactly what you want. Take your own photo (maybe of your family in your pjs) and come up with a cute caption and a wonderful saying on the inside, click order. You have some wonderful cards you can’t wait to send out. Try Minted.com. There are many other custom products you can try out perhaps for other Christmas gifts for family and friends.

family holiday traditions

Design Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

Plan ahead and have the family order from DollarTree.com everything they will need to design the ugliest Christmas sweater! Break out the glue, glue gun, yarn, and any other crafty thingy you have. Your DollarTree.com order can be shipped directly to the closest Dollar Tree Store wil free shipping, so all you need to do is pick it up. Perhaps you could go Christmas carolling after your sweaters are done to show them off to the neighbors!

family holiday traditions

Crazy Christmas Game Night

How about good ole’ Christmas Bingo! Or Christmas Charades! As I was searching for all things Christmas on Pinterest, I found some great pins with some fun games for Christmas. Head on over to PINTEREST Look for Everything Christmas and look for the games. There were quite a few printables that can be printed for your Family Game Night.

Christmas Movie Night

Set aside one night, or several throughout the holiday season, to watch some classic Christmas movies. The ones that we watch over and over, but only at Christmas. Home Alone, The Christmas Story, Jingle All the Way, Santa Clause and many more.  Pop the corn, make the hot chocolate and get comfy and cozy and settle in for the movie night. You probably won’t have to spend any money on this one. Many channels play Christmas movies continuously through December. Check out Netflix, as well. This could be another use for your family pajamas!

Please comment below with any additions to new family holiday traditions. I know there could be a jillion more! I will update this as I think of more. Let’s keep this going throughout the year!

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