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This valentine craft for kids was inspired by our candy-cane names, together with the preschoolers’ love for beads! The kiddos’ title hearts that are beaded incorporated literacy, mathematics, and fine-motor abilities. Check ’em out . . .

Beaded name heart valentine craft - great for fine motor skills, learning math patterns, and name work!

Beaded name heart valentine craft – great for fine-motor skills, learning math patterns, and name function!

Pipe cleaners in a variety of colours
Beads – we used circular beads, too as cube like beads
Pony beads – we chose white, purple, blue, pink, and red

How The Kids Created It

Once the beads and pipe cleaners were presented on one of our centre tables the kiddos were very intrigued! There’s only about stringing beads onto pipe cleaners interesting and something cathartic. Plus, the kids love wearing their creations and decorating together.

Beaded name hearts valentine craft for kids

The kiddos motivated make designs on their hearts that were beaded and to find the letters. Some did just that, attentively patterning and incorporating letter beads to create their names. While brilliant beads went about the different side, others used the beads to create their names on one side of one’s heart.

Not all of the pupils were interested in making name beads, and that’s fine! We were nevertheless able to talk about letters, colors, and styles – all while having some excellent motor pleasure.

Beaded name heart valentine craft for kids
A heart merely focused on brilliant patterns was made by this kiddo!

beaded name heart valentine craft for kids

After the children added a pipe cleaner and their preferred beads, I shaped a v’ with it. Then I twisted the ends together and arch in either side of the pipe cleaner. If needed, I evened it out to make the heart-shape.

Beaded heart valentine craft


The learning
Here are a few of the early learning concepts we touched on with this easy- peasy valentine craft:

  • Counting
  • Letter identification
  • Spelling Names
  • Patterning
  • Fine motor practice

Get all the Supplies Here!

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