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Have constant fun with Creation Crate


Would you classify yourself as someone who tinkers? Do you love taking gadgets apart in order to find out how they works? Maybe you have a budding child who likes to explore the world of technology and built their own gadgets? Whatever the situation may be, it is possible to have constant fun with Creation Crate. This subscription service makes it possible to create and build real world technology. Best of all, every month builds on the electronic components receive from previous months, allowing you or whoever else is using the subscription to make even larger devices.

So what comes in my Creation Crate?

Inside each Creation Crate box is an assortment of electronic equipment, including batteries, wires, sensors, lights, processors and just about everything else needed to build all sorts of devices. Directions and even programming information is provided with each crate, to show how the equipment can be used. Of course, after experimenting with everything, it is possible to take it apart and build something from your imagination.

Subscription services

Maybe you just want to test it out? There is a single month option. Of course, the longer you subscribe, the cheaper it becomes per month.

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