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Underwear for Christmas? What’s the Connection?


Underwear for Christmas?

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Have you heard the saying:

Once you stop believing in Santa Claus you get underwear for Christmas

I hope that isn’t the case. I have been receiving underwear and giving underwear for Christmas since forever. Underwear is something we all need but we don’t want to spend the time nor the money to purchase throughout the year. It just seems fitting to get new underwear for Christmas to start the new year off with a clean couple of pairs.

Let me show you a place where you will want to spend time looking for underwear throughout the year, not just at Christmas. It’s Webundies.com. Webundies.com started out selling boxer shorts with 15 designs in 1999. Now they have over 1,500 designs and have expanded to lounge wear, T-shirts, and more.

They service men, women, boys and girls of all sizes and ages. The novelty underwear are so cute. I remember having Monday through Sunday on your underwear were the rage! Now I can wear Super Woman underwear. Love it!

They have everything from undies to robes, to T-shirts to ugly sweaters. Take a look. Specialty Holiday selections are available as well. Don’t miss out on your favorite cartoon and TV and movie characters like Cookie Monster, One Direction, Pink Floyd, and more.

Webundies.com. The Place to Shop for Undies! Any hightlighted text provides a direct link to Webundies.com.


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