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Boo-Boo Bunny Craft Idea for Kids


Before we all know it, spring will be here and more outside playtime for children means the chance for scrapes and bruises. We’ve got a soothing and fun approach to look after their booboos cheer them up and …! With ice, these cute handcrafted Easter bunnies can be filled with just a couple of supplies to help reduce swelling. Plus, when they’re perhaps not used, they could be put around the house included in your Easter decorations.

What Need:

Rubber Bands
Brilliant Ribbon
Plastic Easter Eggs
String or Yarn (Fits Washcloth Shade)
Googly Eyes (Elective)
Simple Step by Step Instructions:

Starting at opposite corners, roll the face cloth from each corner to the middle creating two rolls next to each other.
Fold the rolled length of face cloth in half (rolled side in) around a plastic Easter egg. Draw on the washcloth tight above the egg and fasten using a rubber-band.
Fasten having another rubber band (which will wrap around the first rubber band).
Cinch the washcloth about two inches above the very first rubber band to create the head and ears. Secure with string or yarn.
Conceal the rubber-bands by tying ribbon into a bow on the top of those. Finish your rabbit by gluing on eyes. In case you are going to use these with quite young kids where throttling is a concern, it is possible to skip the googly eyes or even attract eyes on with mark.
When your child gets a boo-boo, just pop the egg out and fill it using a couple cubes of ice, then place it back in the middle of the boo-boo bunny.
Enjoyment Tip: Make additional boo-boo bunnies and fill them with sweets to hand out as presents for your Easter party guests or for the child’s schoolmates.

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