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SchoolFunHomeFun.com came about after many years of working in education, being a mother, and now a grandmother. School plays such a significant role in the lives of families. So it is the intention of this blog to try to bring the two together. As a teacher I was always on the look out for fun and exciting ways to present information to my students. I did not enjoy reading from a Teachers’ Edition and pour it out. I wanted my students to be engaged in their learning.

As a mother I wanted my children, two daughters, to love school. I tried to take advantage of every educational opportunity I could and turn it into a learning experience. Summers were not just lazy days at the beach. I tried to keep their skills sharp during the hazy, lazy days of summer by doing “learning hours” where we would take a chunk of the day and research, craft, and play educational games.

As a grandmother I am still looking for the educational advantage for my two grandchildren. Although they are young, experiencing everyday life can be an adventure. Going to the beach for a picnic on the very first warm day in spring, going to the zoo, visiting the library for the many different programs they offer are just a few of the ways to expand their learning.

I hope your visit here at SchoolFunHomeFun.com is a learning experience.

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