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101 Uses for Clothespins in the Classroom and Home


101 Uses for Clothespins in the Classroom and Home

At Christmas this year I just didn’t have the funds to spend a lot of money. I decided to make many of the gifts for family and friends. I spent hours and hours on Pinterest searching through easy and cheap crafts to make for gifts. I noticed a trend: clothespins! I saw a plethora ( love saying this word!) of ideas for crafts with clothespins. I know I used them a lot in the classroom for various and sundry reasons. Therefore, this post! I challenged myself to think of 101 uses for clothespins in the classroom and home. Please know, this is not a comprehensive list. It is a compilation of ideas that I deemed clever, cute, easy, and useful. I hope you enjoy. If you have a favorite use for clothespins, please share below in the comments.

  1. My first experience using clothespins in crafts was with my granddaughter this Christmas. We made a wreath for her great grandmother. I am sorry now that I didn’t take a picture of it because it really came out beautiful. It was a craft that did take some time. I had her paint all the clothespins with acrylic paint. She was even able to place the clothespins on the wire frame. It was truly made by her hands. She was three at Christmas! Here is a picture I used as my inspiration. I bought the wire wreath frame and wooden clothespins at the Dollar Tree.  Affiliate Link: Dollar Treeuses for clothespins2. What did I learn? Next time I would have used RIT clothes dye to color. It was a bit too tedious for a three year old to paint.

3. I probably would have used WASHI tape, as well. There are many wonderful ideas for decorating clothespins, not just for holidays. a16f7781879fef7ef659dcba098e0700

Hanging and Organizing Using Clothespins

4. After you place the WASHI tape on the clothespin, glue magnets on the back. The easiest way is the magnetic tape roll. a16f7781879fef7ef659dcba098e0700

5. It’s easy to make a Memo Board using the clothespins with magnets using a cookie sheet.

6. Close to the memo board, you can create a Menu board easily with a cookie sheet and a calendar.ad-diy-clothespin-crafts-07

7. You can also make a cute Advent Calendar using those clothespins. Use your creativity to design one to your liking.1d493116557bbbbe4ee5412c8370befa

8. Photo Memory Boards are a great way to bring back to mind some great times with families.15c49478ca294ecd54f99325752b7df7

9. Did I mention the use of hanging clothes on a clothesline? Who does that anymore?

10. Mounting clothespins onto a yard stick or thin piece of wood creates a hanger for all those scarves.70c427445819be2bce78ec97d4c4bd6c

11. You can also hang jewelry with the same design.

12. How about a Birthday Chart? This one is a great design and lets you see who’s birthday is coming up.d67a9d9f5c421ccc0e5b5d56d0fd317d

13. Hanging  photos in your room can get tedious. Use a string of lights on your wall and use clothespins to hang photos with pretty fairy lights shining on them.e1e536f5f30717d2b9413a52ab5e38fc

In the Kitchen

14. What do you do with loose socks that don’t have matches after washing them? Use clothespins to display them so family members can find them.3e3839c17121e2ee3e97f836fa72a005

15. Mount a couple of clothespins on the inside of the door of your kitchen cabinet under the sink to hold rubber gloves and rags. This will save much time when you need them.stick-a-clothespin-to-the-inside-of-the-kitchen-cabinet-door-to-hold-your-cleaning-gloves

16. When decorating your tree for the holidays use clothespins to attach some of those pesky ornaments that continually fall off.06b3825444d5b27592acb47aaeb03800

17. Hang some of your children’s art work or current work from school in the same way as hanging scarves.d069d96cda04c2ea75118838c5f067b1

18. A clothespin attached to the top of a pan is a great way to keep that spoon from falling while your food is cooking.a42905c45ed24dca02ec8fa14c8e9115

19. Clamp a couple of clothespins over that parchment paper on a cookie sheet. You know how annoying it can be to keep that parchment flat while prepping.use-clothespins-to-secure-parchment-paper

20. Clothespins make great page holders, especially in cook books.dsc_03472

21. Using two clothespins, display your recipe cards proudly while cooking so you don’t loose your place.d444b84039438573de08e7260846dd9f

22. Gluing the clothespins together makes a great trivet for those hot pans. You may need to take the wire spring off to keep it flat.521a0cfc29c070dcba65b2fa26ce0799

23. For all of those buffets you host, use a clothespin with a label or card to identify what is in each dish.6cead2d82577d3571c49936b59447533

24. Can you use chopsticks? I cannot, unless it is something I can stab! Here are two great ideas to help you maneuver those chopsticks. One, glue the chopsticks to the clothespin so you can actually use the clothespin to pick up the food. Two, take the spring off the wooden pieces and drill two small holes in the chopsticks to put the spring in. Whichever one works for you.3bca571128cbbd91ac7050e3b48e40ea5cb78e1f668db62b19b95ac3841d7c28

In the Craft Room

25. Is your ribbon drawer like mine: just ribbon wheels and pieces of ribbon stuffed in a drawer? Wrap those pieces and wheels onto clothespins. This will save time looking for ribbon and also give you more room.4fba0c68cef9c43169886d118004194f 68bee0cf710985e1bcbe2ea2ea84be67

26. You may also want to wrap your embroidery thread around the clothespins, as well.

27. Wrap the excess cords for your macrame projects around clothespins so you can keep track of them all. The clip board is an added bonus for you.f738d527883e18df044c11f0b2675656

28. An old, cleaned tuna fish can can make a great planter. Paint or dye your clothespins and pin around the can. Place soil and your plant then.e821727568ab97032864b30f29c6e4b0

29. Read Across America is an annual celebration held in many schools across the country. It commemorates Dr. Seuss. Here is a cute Dr. Seuss magnet using pasta and a computer. Print out the face of the Cat in the Hat and cut out. Glue to the clothespin. Paint the hat red and white with the rigatoni and a red bow tie pasta. Glue.diys-can-make-with-clothespins-21

30. The kids can easily entertain themselves with animal puppets.clothespin-animal-puppets-47-of-470421

31. There are a ton of ideas to make cute ornaments and decorations with painted clothespins, anything from rabbits to reindeer. (If I can’t make it to 101, I may have to list each one!)

32. Children sometimes don’t like the feel of finger painting. Clip a clothespin to a large pom pom. They can use this as a paintbrush. Do you want them to paint their bedroom walls?eb71104f91efc5942992985c30cb4e88

33. Here is a neat idea for making jewelry- take the spring off the wooden pieces and place beads on it. String the chain through the tunnel. Beautiful!d63d2fa0e5849d59c9de509564945635

34. Another idea for puppets is to cut a figure in half and glue them onto the sides of the clothespin. Glue another figure that is much smaller than the first one on the inside. When pinched, it looks like the larger figure is eating the smaller figure. This is just one example.20-creative-uses-for-clothespins-you-can-make-for-your-home7

35. Painting with ice cubes is another way of keeping the kids busy. It certainly would come in handy on this hot days of summer. Using an ice cube tray, pour colored water into the  cubes, and place a clothespin with the pinchy side up. Place in freezer. When frozen, use the clothespin as a paint brush.216e4f4c7f5c99223493399fe745d9ff

36. Snowflakes are a great way to decorate for the winter. To make these snowflakes with clothespins, take it apart and glue flat ends together. Join in a circle and glue. Glitter is a must to finish it off.55440e3b8002e7c993189bc761dc3d4f

37. Here is a novel idea: make a lamp using clothespins. Clamp the clothespins to each other and form a base. Place a mounted light with bulb in the center. It certainly would make a lovely gift or decoration in someones house.ad-diy-clothespin-crafts-25

38. One clever idea is to paint a clothespin as a  bride and groom. One side of the pin is painted as a groom and the other side is painted as the bride. They look like they are kissing!4cb4c3165933240b04293743781f50a4

In Play

39. Children can create a town with roads. (I actually found some duck tape with roads on it. You can also use black paper with chalk to make the roads.) Use the clothespins to label the traffic signs.8289576bda0c28df8ff6d2b9e71bdaa0

40. With an old shoe box children can make a foosball game. Dowels or Straws are  used as the handles and the clothespins are the players. Cut holes in each long side for the goal.860d091b730eeb7ce2078b4caaa716ca

41. Play clothespin tag. Give each participant three clothespins to clip on their shirt. As the children run around they try to grap the clothespins from each other. Whoever has the most at the end of the play, they are the winners. If all of your clips have been taken you are out. Great game to play with large groups like field days or camps.f51f602e3fa6330d50439eb49cdacd61

42. I have always imagined having my own rubber band launcher. Here is a quick one to make. Glue a clothespin to a ruler. Wrap the rubber band around the top and the other end around your thumb and let loose.550_101978966_w

43. Hang water balloons from a clothesline for children to shoot with nerf guns. Whoever breaks a balloon is out.

44. Drop the clothespin in the bottle. Do you remember this game from when you were a kid?

45. A great rainy day activity is a marshmallow catapult. You will need a wooden base, clothespins, popsicle sticks, and bottle caps.61a7baf5ca52e0a460aa17afa71c66f2

46. An easy outdoor game using an embroidery hoop to toss clothespins through.c49069dff9f905523311d8428181aeb9

Decorating with Clothespins

47. Placing essential oil on a piece of felt that a clothespin is clamped to will act as a diffuser when placed near a fan or vent.clothespin-car-diffuser-for-essential-oils-diy

48. Using the mini clothespins, you can string wire from side to side of a wooden  frame and display photos or print out some saying.ee80c8e3a4c82df9b574ea2938a6f407

49. Of course, wreaths of all kinds will add to any decor. Here is a tea bag wreath that is quite lovely.54232f24c53ea5ea4bd346bf8dbaafca

50. Clothespins can be used to keep drapes and curtains closed or in place when needed.dsc_03322

WHEW! I made it half way to 101! This post has taken me 3 hours up to this point!

51. A decorated clothespin personalized will make a nice place card for seating at special events.b4f5b55fc85b73fe51a58321bc19acd9

52. Mini chalkboards glued to clothespins could be used as labels or seating cards.

53. Adding a mirror to a wreath is a decorative touch most people can’t deny.05c6b14d37d03c6feb3f3f997c13726a

54. Daily planners are a great way to keep organized. You can use a simple clipboard painted with the labels and pin clothespins in that area.b39743a58663378f442ffec7991cc226

55. To help your children keep track of special days in a month, make a countdown calendar. With a thick ribbon in your room color, number clothespins and have the kids take a pin off each day until the event.7afd42f8b05f8a674995dd0c720c71ed

56.    This is still under construction- I needed to take a break.

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